Welcome to the Rabbit-Proof Fence wiki project of class 8a of the Valentin-Heider-Gymnasium Lindau (Germany)

On this site, you will find:


  • A link to the wikipedia site of the Simpsons episode "Bart vs. Australia"
  • A webquest about this episode

Historical Background: information about the

  • Rabbit-Proof Fence in Australia which was built to keep off a rabbit plague
  • native inhabitants of Australia, the Aborigines
  • “half-caste” children abducted from their families, the so-called “stolen generations”
  • apology made by the Australian Government with regards to the stolen generations


  • Author: information about Doris Pilkington Garimara
  • Plot: a chapter-by-chapter summary of the short story’s content
  • Characters: characterizations of the story’s main characters


  • Trailer: a trailer of the movie adaptation
  • IMDB: a link to the International Movie Database site of the movie
  • Debate: an online debate on debatepedia – feel free to join!
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